Digital Recital Series 12:21 Tonight at 7:00pm CST

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We are still continuing our fundraising campaign as planned, and are very much intending to launch our first Festival in May 2021! To celebrate this 12 month countdown we are launching a new series “12:21”. We will host 12 events in the lead up to our 2021 Grand Opening that give further insight into the Festival, as well as the Italian Operatic genre that it is established to present. You can support the Opera Festival of Chicago online HERE.

This event will provide more information about the festival and will also feature performances from the following artists:

Giovanni Formisano, tenor
Franco Pomponi, baritone & Festival President

Opera Festival of Chicago welcomes new General Director

The Opera Festival of Chicago team are delighted to announce...

Livestream Concert - July 21

Join the Opera Festival of Chicago for it's next 12:21...