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Rossini L’Inganno Felice
Rossini’s one act opera was an instant success after its premiere in 1812, creating a worldwide sensation thanks to the beauty of its music from overture to finale. The work was so popular that it was the third most often performed of Rossini’s operas during the composer’s lifetime. Cast: Kenneth Tarver | Katherine Beck | Frank De Vincentis | Alexander Adams-Leytes | Matthew Ciuffitelli
Renata Tebaldi @100
For one night only, Festival artists present this moving tribute to one of opera’s greatest singers, Renata Tebaldi. Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of the legendary Italian soprano, this recital will feature arias, duets, and ensemble pieces for which she is most known. Featuring: Heather Hjelle | Angel Azzarra | Reuben Lillie | Franco Pomponi
Verdi Il Corsaro
Verdi’s bombastic 1848 opera plunges us into the dashing world of seafaring pirates. While its popularity was overshadowed by his next operas: Rigoletto, Il Travatore, and La Traviata, this thrilling work is filled with Verdi’s characteristic melodies, rhythms, virtuosic vocal lines, choruses, and large orchestral score. Cast: Jose Simerilla Romero | Christine Arand | Franco Pomponi | Alejandra Sandoval