The History of Thalia Hall

August 2, 2021
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Opera Returns to Thalia Hall

The Opera Festival of Chicago closes its inaugural festival at the historic Thalia Hall on August 5th.

The Opera Festival of Chicago is thrilled to be presenting its closing performances at the historic Thalia Hall. 

Completed in 1892, saloonkeeper John Dusek built the historic landmark with the hopes of bringing arts and entertainment from Bohemia to play for the neighborhood.

For over 7 decades the Hall was a beacon of the Pilsen community and was granted landmark status in 1985. Architects Faber & Pagel, who modeled the hall after the Prague opera house, completed the public hall in 1892.

The design of Thalia Hall was created by architects Frederick Faber and his partner William Pagels in the Romanesque Revival style. Faber and Pagels, immigrants themselves, were often the architects of choice for the immigrant community. Thalia Hall was completed around the time of the openings of the Columbian Exposition. Chicago—and Pilsen—had definitely arrived.

Join us on August 5th for the historic return of opera to this historic Chicago landmark. 

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