Katilynn Meine

Stage Manager
Katilynn Meine, Stage Manager

Katilynn Meine is a multifaceted artist with a rich background in both stage management and performance. Originally hailing from northern Minnesota, she has quickly made her mark in the Chicago opera scene, bringing a blend of talent and gratitude to her work with the Opera Festival of Chicago.

At Roosevelt University and the Evanston Chamber Opera Company, Meine has demonstrated her versatility in stage managing a variety of productions, ranging from classical operas like The Tzar Has His Photograph Taken and Der Kaiser von Atlantis to lesser-known works such as The Chalet and The Boor. Her experience extends beyond stage management, including stints in assistant directing under the guidance of esteemed directors like Rose Freeman, Cathy Dunn, and Jennifer Olson.
Meine’s dedication to music education is evident in her roles as a voice and piano teacher, as well as her directorial work with Maestro Minds School of Music, where she helmed a scene from High School Musical. She has earned degrees in vocal performance from Bemidji State University and the Chicago Conservatory of Performing Arts.

As a co-founder and member of the Eleanor Ensemble, Meine is committed to fostering inclusivity and artistic excellence in the chamber choir realm. Additionally, her role as the Operation Manager of The Collaborative Music Project showcases her leadership and organizational skills in supporting collaborative musical endeavors.

In her pursuit of artistic growth, Meine currently studies with countertenor Mark Crayton in Chicago, further honing her craft and expanding her musical horizons. With her diverse skill set and passion for the arts, Katilynn Meine continues to make a significant impact on the Chicago opera community and beyond.