Festival Artists

The Opera Festival of Chicago is excited to welcome this year’s incredible cast to the 2022 Festival. Hailing from across the United States, the Festival will feature over 50 world-class singers and musicians.


Directed by Reid Taylor

Zachary Angus
Len Ayers
Angel Azzarra
Donald Baar
Bethany Brautigam
Benjamin Burney
Nicole Cooper
Russell Cooper
Andre DeMesquita
Jack Dietz
Filip Duda
Ryan Frenk
Mallory Harding
Elise Hurwitz
Kim Jones
Reuben Lillie
Matthew Lord
Laura Mccauley
Tyrique McNeal
Michal Mendelssohn
Brain Pils
Andrew Sprague
Maia Surace
Sherry Veal
Ron Watkins
Michelle Wrighte